Store Blindness

Went to the hairdresser today, (Actually it was a barber, don’t have much of a head of hair worthy of ‘dressing’.)

They had a sign that read:

Concession discounts available Mon – Fri (9am -3pm)

They had another sign that read:

Pensioner concessions do not apply on Sat & Sun.
Obviously you can pick out the good sign over the bad sign, right?

But this is not a story about poor signage or poor customer service. This is a story of store blindness. The root cause is not that they are rude or don’t value customers. It is just that the sign was made (wrongly) but then after it was put up, it was simply forgotten.

When was the last time you wandered through your place of business and really, truly experienced it as a ‘customer’? I am not talking about mystery shopping (you can’t delegate your service experience to a student/ housewife – and I don’t mean that derogatorily.)
1.    Have you smelled that funny smell first thing in the morning (you know the carpet that got wet during the last big rainstorm?)
2.    Have you noticed the children’s handprints on the window?
3.    The sharp edge on the counter?
4.    The dirty coffee cup next to the till?
5.    The way the sun shines in the customers’ eyes when they…
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