Beauty in Retail Marketing

A pair of mannequins
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There is a trend that seems to be gathering more momentum amongst retail marketers.

According to a U.K. mannequin supplier, Displaysense, an increasing number of merchants plan to remove rail thin models from stores and replace them with fuller figured versions.

Dove is now ‘famous’ for their ‘real’ models used in the soap advertisements.

If this continues, we will soon have a lot of ugly people in our ads and male and female mannequins with love-handles, beer bellies and dimply thighs.

I am no picture; maybe that is why I don’t mind being surrounded by a bit of ‘beauty’ – after all that is what we aspire to.

I wonder if marketers/advertisers/ retailers have a moral responsibility to be ‘realistic’ – or whether their artistic license extends to any extreme, unattainable ideals of beauty?

Would you buy a fashion magazine with real people? Would ‘normal’ people wearing Calvin Klein jeans motivate you to buy? Is anything fair in the war for the consumer dollar?

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