60 Ways to improve efficiency - pt1

Here is the list* of the first 30 of a total of 60 ideas - each of which can save you money (pennies or pounds). The next 30 in the next post, but in the meantime, would you like add any?

Buy Industrial or Trade Magazines at Wholesale Prices
Centralize Office Services
Check All Freight Rates/Bills
Control Moving Expenses of People Transferred
Cut Down On Lunch Time Meetings
Cut Out Executive Cars
Cut Out Professional Services Where Possible
Do Your Own Building Maintenance
Don't Pay Tax Instalments until they’re due
Don't Use Express Mail Unless Necessary
Eliminate Business and Trade Reports When Not Necessary
Eliminate Christmas Gifts to Employees
Eliminate Expensive Stockholder Meetings
Eliminate or Reduce Convention Attendance
Have Pay Deposited Into the Employee's Bank Account (no cheques)
Evaluate All Major Cost Programs
Extend the Use of "Self Insurance"
Group like Parts Together in Warehouse
Have More Modest Offices
Have Salesman and Drivers Deposit Collections Directly Into Banks
Have Shorter Lunch Periods
Hire Temporaries for Emergencies; No Overtime
Is Company Sponsored Organizations Necessary?
Is The Company Magazine Necessary?
Keep Petty Cash Funds to a Minimum
Minimize the Number of Bank Accounts
Obtain Competitive Bids for Purchases of Materials and Supplies
Place Fastest Moving Items near Dock
Practice First In - First Out
Put A Price Tag On Each Report Issued


PS: Have you tried out the retail improvement club yet?