60 Ways to improve efficency - Pt2

Here is the second instalment (*) of the list of efficiency improvements.

Your additions are welcome...

Reduce Memberships In Outside Societies, Clubs, Associations
Reduce Number of Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions
Reduce Quantity of Reports
Reduce Size of Mailing Lists
Reduce Switchboard Hours
Remove Materials from Desk Nightly To Reduce Janitorial Work
Request Periodic Time Distribution Reports From Employees
Review All Communications and Facilities
Review All Education and Training Programs
Review All Form Designs for Efficiency
Review All Stationery Costs
Review Discount Procedures
Review Insurance Costs
Review Purchase Frequency R Supplies and Materials
Review Quality of Office Equipment
Speed Up Billings
Standardize Equipment
Start and Leave Work on Time
Strictly Regulate All Travel
Turn Out Lights When Not In Use
Use Cheaper Paper in Duplicate Machines
Use Economical Small Package Ship Methods
Use Fluorescent Lighting
Use Hand Written Instead Of Typewritten Memos
Use Lighter Paper and Envelops
Use Lower Priced Hotels
Use Lowest Class Mail Rate When Feasible
Use Proper Wattage and Voltage
Use the Airport Bus Instead Of Cabs
Utilize People to Full Capacity and Qualifications


PS: Have you tried out the retail improvement club yet?