The Duck Factor

We don't always learn best from books. We don't always learn best by trial and error. But we do learn like ducks.

Exposing infants and toddlers to a certain sport or aspects of a sport imprints those images on their minds. A kid of two who watches a lot of tennis (TV or in real life because mum and dad are playing) are not only more likely to pick up a racquet, but also has the patterns of play imprinted on their minds.

These are the athletes who, ten years on, are the ones that always seem to have an extra second to do something with a ball or seem to be more mature in their competitive ability than their peers. They are hard-pressed to describe why it is so, but it simply is imprinting.

We learn by copying what others do. If you want to know stuff, find people who know the stuff that you want to know.
Success is in large part attributable who you choose as your ‘imprint’. Pick carefully and wisely.