10 Laws of Success

Last week I posted here Jeff Bezos' video on the four things he knows. Since he built Amazon from scratch, that would count for something, right?

Whilst I understand that he was trying to keep it simple, the absolutes that I 'know' run to more than four things, so I could not resist making my own little list.

And being FYE and all, naturally one thinks about your successes and failure of the past year too.

  1. Success is not about doing the right thing; it is doing what is required.

  2. Luck plays a bigger role in the final outcome than most people are prepared to admit. (If you deny luck, you will miss the opportunity it brings.)

  3. Some form of personal gain drives all of human behaviour. (WIIFM)

  4. Don't bother with it if you can't measure it. (In business, not love.)

  5. Eventually everyone realises that money does not matter.

  6. It does not matter what you are good at, it matters only what the customer wants.

  7. Anticipated regret is more powerful than anticipated pleasure.

  8. People always overestimate the benefits and underestimate the risks.

  9. Being right counts for nothing.

  10. With every person added to a group, it becomes marginally less productive and more dysfunctional.

There is plenty where that came from – but that will do.  I am also very interested in what you 'know' - so hopefully you can add it in the comments below.

I selected these because I think that it can be applied to running a retail business. If you just assumed for the moment I am correct (plenty of time to disagree later), just think through each of these aphorisms and see how you might make decisions differently in your business.

Take care

PS: If you are not using this yet, you really should :-)