7 Things I have learned about selling

Things I have learned about selling in the last 3 years.

  1. Most potential buyers (decision makers) practice the slow no: they make a decision by not making a decision and avoiding a confrontation.

  2. Despite what (sales) people say, they still start from their own position of strength/preference instead of trying to understand what the problems/issues are.

  3. It is easier to sell a product than a service.

  4. It is easier to sell a solution to a problem, than a benefit or potential upside. (Too much perceived risk for the buyer in a B2B environment? When they are experiencing a problem, there is pressure to solve it. The biggest upside in the world is not necessarily politically expedient.)

  5. Culture matters – and the differences between people from different cultures are real and present obstacles to be overcome.

  6. Cold calling matters and it works.

  7. Saying YES is risky and hard; saying NO is EASY because nobody knows what would/could have happened.

What have you learned? What can yo share so that I don't have to learn it (again?)