McDonalds' new Customer Service Benchmark

The trend towards outsourcing customer service is continuing apace. Increasingly specialty chains are relying on self-help; which originally was anathema to the concept. Self-service was traditionally the domain of the mass market retailer such as supermarkets.

This image was taken at the McDonalds at Mascot - just off the main arterial. As an aside: This has become a popular spot - originally established by Krispy Kreme - and as Macquarie steadily increased parkeing and other charges, people have started to use this off-airport spot to wait for passengers until they receive the phone call - rather than pay the exorbitant fees for a short-term park.)

There are half dozen or so of these terminals and (from memory) only 2 POS registers. The idea is that customers place an order on the touch screen (easy enough it must be said) and then hang around to wait until their ‘number is up’.

Whilst I am making a leap into the executive mind of McDonalds, and it may not be 100% accurate, I will contend that this is the way it is perceived; and we all know how important perception is relative to reality.

Customer Service at McDonalds Customer Service at McDonalds

Can you see other negatives? Or do you think it is all positive?