Psychology of Shopping: You want to know, but are afraid to ask

Our world of work is all about people.

Getting better at what we do means we must constantly seek to improve our understanding of people, and especially of our customers.

Have you ever wondered …

  • What exactly modern consumers ‘value’ when they go shopping?

  • Why a sure-fire thing (like $1 ear-rings offered by a leading jeweller) doesn’t sell?

  • About the ideal width of an aisle, the location of the cash desk or the best colour for a certain application?

  • What an ‘Omega Strategy’ is… and whether it can be used to influence people in any leasing or marketing environment?

  • Whether fear of loss or the pleasure of gain is a greater or lesser motivator of buying behaviour?

  • If less choice is better or worse than more choice?

  • How consumers actually make their decisions?

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Sure, it will cost you. But have you thought about the cost of NOT knowing?

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