24 Marketing Ideas for Small Business

This costs nothing (and should be a given)

  1. Have outstanding customer service

  2. Invest in credibility - Do a talk, write in trade magazines, network everywhere & tell your story, write a white paper and use online business forums

  3.  (DON’T SELL)

  4. Give your knowledge away – be patient on the return

  5. Seek and use testimonials

  6. Use your stationary: the back of business cards, message on hold, your invoice

  7. Guarantee your products or services

  8. Use PR/Publicity: Campaign to change something, issue a press release, support a cause in your community and write to your local paper

  9. Increase prices

  10. Present yourself and your place of business as well as you can: have a spring clean, you and your staff must dress ‘on brand’

  11. Get on YouTube – experiment with ideas

  12. Set up your website with Wordpress and you can Blog and have static pages  - the complete package and it is free to set up and only takes time to maintain

This cost a little bit

  1. Offer a discount card

  2. Give away unusual freebies

  3. Set up a referral programme

  4. Start a newsletter

  5. Join organisations

  6. Sell gift vouchers

This costs most (but returns most)

  1. Issue a catalogue – do it jointly with a buddy business if you have to reduce costs

  2. Pick up the phone and cold call – it is tough but it works

  3. Build a database of customers - text message your customers with an occasional but UNIQUE offer that is not available to anyone else

  4. Reduce rates for repeat business

  5. Advertise in your local paper – consistently

  6. Check out if you are suitable for pay-per-lead TV (usually as seen on morning TV)