Business transition experts for the retail supply chain

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This short screencast is an explanation of our business model. As always, your comments/ feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Developing a business model is fraught with diffculty, and the 'perfect' model is somewhat of a moving target. Progressively our focus has narrowed from when the business was started 3 years ago. Ganador started out as a reincarnation of Quiver Enterprises, a business that we owned and ran in South Africa. Although we initially tried to steer away from the Mystery Shopping because we felt we did not have the infrastructure in place to execute it well, we have responded to the opportunities as they have arisen and now we have a fully-fledged mystery shopping division too.

Contrary to popular belief, a successful business is not built on the passion of the owners, but rather on the problems of paying clients. For some peculiar reason, we have the empathy and passion for Entrepreneurs - and it gives no greater joy in the world (sadly, some may say) to help an entrepreneur turn theirt SME into a successful business.

Our niche: We are business transition experts for the retail supply chain.

This means two things:

  1. If it is business as usual, we have no role to play. But if you want to effect a step-change, re-structure, re-launch or re-format your business, we have the nous and the experience to make that transition simpler, easier and more successful.

  2. We focus on the retail supply chain because the friction between the members of the supply chain is often the cause of many if the issues. We are uniquely experienced to work with the larger organisations (manufacturers, publishers, landlords) to develop win-win solutions for their clients - the SME retail businesses.

Business Description: We help our clients in the retail supply chain find the right information, knowledge and ideas, train them up to be skilled at executing the game plan, evaluate their operational performance and finally document the the processes and policies to ensure they stick to the successful recipe.

Our tagline: Changing the way you do business: Smarter. Quicker. Better.

Until recently, we operated under the tagline of 'Learn to Perform' which was descvriptive of our focus on training. But we initially envisaged that we would offer management solutions (not just training solutions) and Ganador has now evolved into a full-service business.

The four divisions are:

  • Consulting: Planning, lead generation, business strategies and innovation.

  • Training: ganador Business Academy. Traditional training solutions (accredited and customised) as well as an E-Learnign platform

  • Performance Audits: A sophisticated customer service audit tool, operational audits and general business performace assessment.

  • Publishing: Capture, retain and manage the knowledge that exists in a business and formalise it in the policies and procedures and operational manuals.

As we grow, we continue to refine and add to the business. Most recently we have launched a membership website. We eventually intend for this site to operate as a resource for retailers wanting to make the transition to the multi-channel environment. Retailsmartresults.com is where suppliers/ advisors/ consultants can help educate and inform the retail community.

What are your thoughts?

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