Visual Merchandising: front of shop (post 3 of 12)

The front of the shop is the 'platimum zone' where the typical specialty store easily generates 40% of its sales.

  • Devote a percentage of space to allow the customer to enter and feel comfortable before being challenged to buy. (Paco Underhill calls this the landing strip.)

  • Arrange presentations in increments from entry to back wall to entice customer to penetrate further.

  • Contain the feature presentation in the platinum zone.

  • Create visual appeal that draws the eye forward or gets the customer attention, such as presentations at different heights.

  • Must contain fixtures that hold merchandise for sale, turned so that they front side is angled 45 off the main traffic entry aisle, instead of facing head-on. This layout induces penetration because it is easier for the body to turn 45 than 90.

  • Change every two weeks and keep consistent with your promotional calendar, and because you need to get the attention of frequent shoppers.

  • Contains any item that has been advertised. This excludes markdowns under normal circumstances, but could contain sale stock if the whole store is ‘on sale’.

  • Less is More.

  • Use focus through diagonals and movement.