Three questions for 2010...

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1: What is The Next Big Thing?

The Internet has delivered many, many next big things over the last 20 years. (I date back to when AltaVista was the search engine of choice - and they are still around.)

Right now THE CURRENT BIG THING is social media. The problem is ‘making money’ is a dirty word in that crowd. And the companies with the big brands haven’t figured out how turn all their members/users into Cashflow. Putting my Futurist hat on, here is my prediction for 2010:

The next big thing is … Foursquare. Check it out.

2: What are other small businesses doing in social media?

Here is a good post about some social media trends without too much hype.

3: How have customers changed (post GFC)?

Nancy Koehn says (US) consumers are:

  1. Turning to valued brands.

  2. Vetting potential purchases over the Internet.

  3. Looking for the story behind the product.

It seems to me these are pretty universal trends?
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