Part 2 of 3: On Success

Last week we wrote about solving the customers problem, not focussing on what you are good at.

This week - it is all about being / becoming credible.

Credibility is a prerequisite for success because your job is to persuade people to buy what you have to offer and your message will not be convincing unless you – the communicator – are believable.

Aristotle, the grandfather of the Art of Persuasion coined the term ‘ethos’ to describe the idea of ethical appeal or CREDIBILITY.

You become credible (in a sales situation or in your advertising communications) in a variety of ways.

One: Incorporate facts from credible sources in your advertising and sales presentations. Make a factual statement in either your headline or pricing offer.

Two: Make sure you are consistent (what, how and when you communicate). You can’t be the cheapest today and best quality tomorrow; that is a mixed message that will decrease your credibility. And don’t make unbelievable claims about your business or your offer. (We sell the best coffee in the world.)

Three: Get endorsed by other credible people/ organisations. Be a member of an association or belong to a professional body. Get a stamp of approval. Be authentic, be honest and be recognised for what you stand for.

Four: Be seen in the right company (i.e. with credible leaders). Advertise in the most trusted medium. Act like you want to be perceived to be. Action is a powerful form of proof.

Next week we will look at the final principle.