Part 3 of 3: On Success

The final step in the process is to tell your story. And I don’t mean that in a ‘once upon a time there was…’ kind of way. The difference between a good photograph and bad photograph is that one just captures light, the other captures a moment – it tells a story.

A story is a message that has meaning. A story appeals to the emotions. There is a narrative (storyline) that keeps people captivated. People remember…memories. A story is more memorable.

The way you display your merchandise must tell a story. Your advertising message must tell a story. Your offer must tell a story. Your sales pitch must tell a story.

Stories are about ideas and people and events that we care about. And ultimately, our success depends upon whether our story is told well enough, frequently enough and convincingly enough for people to care and finally for people to remember.

In this short series we looked at the three foundation principles of achieving marketing success.

You achieve marketing success by applying these principles to your business. There are no secrets and no buzzwords are required to be a successful entrepreneur.

1. Solve a real problem. Key words are: discipline, rational and analytical.

2. Be credible. Key words are: consistency, trust and character.

3. Tell your story. Key words are: emotional, passionate and relevant.


It may sound glib. It may sound easy. But it is neither.


And to be perfectly honest, in addition to all of this, you also require some luck. But never use that as an excuse.