The next big thing

Some time ago I changed my email tagline & title. Whilst I am technically the CEO of Ganador, I see myself as the Chief Ideas Architect - not of merely of Ganador, but the JOB I do for our clients.

Moonyeen & I (directors) passionately believe that ideas are the seeds from which all things grow. (She sees herself as a 'People Mover' - but since that has been claimed by car manufacturers, we have to come up with something else.)

The video below illustrates this  very well (HT: Jane Hart) - wish I had the creativity to do that. But whether you actually buy their 'idea' (the next big thing) or not, the conpet is very relevant. And the question is interesting.(It deserves to be read/ discussed way beyond the few hundred readers of this blog

What is the next big thing?