Neuromarketing for Retailers - Part 3

Last week we had a short overview of the Boomer and Neuromarketing. This week we look at female brain and what it means to marketers.

We mentioned earlier that the human brain has not changed much in the last 100, 000 years. Coupled to the fact that the worst outcome for the ancient human female was ostracism from the group (it jeopardises survival) – and this still applies today; the context is just different.


  • Men tend to use either the rational or the emotional filter – whereas women tend to use both. (Women truly can multi-taks better than men.)
  • Although women have slightly smaller brains, it contains the same amount of matter – and it contains 11% more neurons in the language centres of the brain.
  • Women also remember stressful and negative experiences more than men (no jokes in the comments section ;-)  - and this holds grave danger for their propensity to generate negative word-of-mouth.
  • In short, women are more verbal, empathetic, nuanced and loyal. What does this mean for your brand.


Here is a small case study presented by Pradeep in his book (The Buying Brain, 2010) for the re-design of a website that sold baby care products and other applications.

-    Position visuals on the left and semantics on the right
-    Feature moms using the product
-    Create forum where they can gather and share tips
-    Show mom-and-baby interactions

Next week - the final installment.