Neuromarketing for Retailers - Part 2

Last week we had a short introduction to neuroscience. This week we look at Boomers and what Neuromarketing means in that segment. The reality is that as little as 100 years ago, people did NOT age, they died. We are still learning about the aging process – and expect to have many myths busted in the next decade.

The Boomers (46-64 currently) is such a large segment that they have redefined society, business and certainly marketing in every generation as this demographic bulge moved through. They are also the richest generation – and money speaks loudly.


  • People don’t suddenly change at 60 – it is a gradual process.
  • Memory does NOT get worse as you grow older; it now appears that we lose our ability to suppress distractions, creating an appearance that we become forgetful. (Think through this as marketer; it should change the way you communicate.)
  • It is more effective to accentuate the positive - not promote doom & gloom. (The amygdala in older people is only active when they view positive images.)
  • With highly repetitive messages, older brains delete the NOT and remember the DO. (‘Remember to drink your supplements’ vs ‘Don’t forget to drink your supplements’.)
  • Older people are comfortable with more information and detail
  • Older brains commonly suffer from ‘tip-of-the-tongue’ memory loss. (It is common and has nothing to do with mental health.) How does your brand and your tagline fare? The trick is use mnemonic triggers, but your agency can figure that one out.
  • Frequent exposure reinforces belief. (Just remember not to run foul of the ‘NOT’ being deleted which is very real as explained above.)

There is much to learn about how this group thinks and remembers – and we ignore it our peril.