Who is right?

Do you serve your customers the way you believe they should be served or the way they want to be served? And the difference is not necessarily small, and just to keep things fair, this illustration from my daughter’s life.

She has a mobile phone agreement with Virgin. Her Samsung touch screen finally failed permanently after about 12 months.

Their response, which I am sure meets the legal minimum and I am sure they think is adequate, is:

Call customer Service Mon-Fri, and they will make arrangements for it to be returned and repaired. It will take about three weeks.

Given what the role of the mobile phone is in most people’s lives, that response is unlikely to satisfy anyone, let alone a Gen Y. On paper they are meeting their obligations (doing the right thing), but the customer’s ‘truth’ is entirely different.
It does not really matter who is right and who is wrong. Both parties believe they are right and that is all that matters.

As the service provider, these decisions are the difference between succes and failure.

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