Do you see the difference?

Had breakfast this morning with the birthday girl. (Happy Birthday Moonyeen.)

Observed this two different ways to respond to the GFC:

A customer wanted to read the paper, but had forgotten their specs. The cafe produced a pair of over-the-counter specs for the customer. (The cheap stuff they buy at the chemist.)  It seems that they keep that with the colouring-in books and crayons. The town has a large population of retirees and elderly because it is a popular seachange destination.

The restaurant is a mutiple winner of many local business awards.

I thought I had seen it all. But can you believe that?

Then I went home and called a bookstore (large national franchise chain) and asked about the availability of a book. (I did not want to wait  for a delivery time.).

The first time I called, the phone actually rang out without being answered. The next time it was answered, I was put on a short hold and then served.

I spelled the author's name - a short pause. and then, no, sorry We don't have it.


I paused. Waited for the logical follow-up.


That's it, I asked?

Yep. Sorry we don't have it.


OK, I said. That's great service. Good bye.

I can't believe people are actually that stupid.

Where would you rather spend your money?