Why did you not call?

Not sure if you noticed that there was no RetailSmart post last week. My guess is not.

Nobody called to enquire simply because the ideas, insights, opinions expressed in this blog, whilst hopefully informative and maybe even entertaining, do not form an integral part of your life.

If you were a customer of mine, that would be devastating.

If my customers don’t miss an update or an output of mine, then I would be in serious trouble. (Fortunately, the reason for the missed post was because I was delivering some of those outputs.)

But it does raise the question:

Would your customers *really* miss you if your business disappeared overnight?

If not, what are you doing about it?

If so, do you really know why? And can you sustainably defend that reason?

To be sure: I am not referring to your ‘competitive advantage’. I am not a fan of the concept because it suggests to me that you are keeping an eye on the competition instead of worrying about your own business and keeping an eye on the customer. I am referring to the notion of having a strong (in-demand) retail proposition.


And the most important question of all is this:


Would your customers really agree with your answer above?