The bullsh*t detector question & 15 interesting facts


Here is a list of 15 more-or-less useful retail facts:

  1. People spend 2.3 seconds on in-store brand decisions.
  2. Just over 90% of shoppers make unplanned purchases.
  3. Shopping list use is up substantially (65% say they use one).
  4. Gen Y shoppers are also more likely to make impulse purchases at end caps. 
  5. About 70% of shoppers say they responded to end-of-aisle signage.
  6. About 62% of shoppers say they responded to merchandising displays.
  7. About 58% of shoppers say they responded to department signage.
  8. About 55% of shoppers say they responded to shelf strips. 
  9. Sale prices motivated more shoppers (70%) than "everyday low price" positioning (47%.) 
  10. About 93% of Baby Boomers, say they prefer product messages rather than price-point messages while shopping. 
  11. Only about 25% off customers walk past halfway in the typical specialty store.
  12. You can achieve a 25% gross margin lift by going from 1à2 aisles 
  13. Sales can increase by1.3% when dwell time increases by 1%.
  14. You get on average a 10% sales increase with a store design with a left entry and clockwise track.
  15. Most women (86%) look at price tags – less so than men. (I don’t know the exact percentage.)
When I teach the MBAs to think like an MBA, I teach them the most important question they can ask; is this question:

So what?

Because, guess what? 

Unless you can answer this question, all the facts in the world mean nothing. Anyone of these ‘facts’ can significantly impact your business. But ONLY if you can translate the fact into the ‘answer’ to the question of ‘so what.’

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