What Australia Day means to us

Australia, as is most other countries, is undergoing social transformation as individuals migrate at unprecedented levels.

The blending of cultures is proving to be testing people’s tolerance levels as well as their humanity – sometimes to breaking point.

The problem I have with migration (and I am an immigrant) is that it homogenises the world – making it less interesting in the long run. What’s the point of going to the US on a holiday when you don’t fine new food, clothes, entertainment, shopping or perspectives?

But you can’t blame people for seeking a better life, and it will probably continue indefinitely. So all that we can do is to encourage acceptance and learn to embrace diversity.

As we all have – it is just that we have forgotten it.

This ‘quote’appeared as a Facebook status update. I don’t know who originated it, but I thought it is quite clever.

Your car is Japanese.

Your vodka is Russian.

Your pizza is Italian.

Your democracy is Greek.

Your coffee is Brazilian.

Your movies are American.

Your oil is Saudi Arabian.

Your electronics are Chinese.

Your numbers - Arabic, your letters - Latin.


And you complain that your neighbour is an immigrant?

Pull yourself together!

Worth remembering, don’t you think?

Australia Day means this to us - as immigrants to this wide,wet,dry, burnt land:

  • A day to remember how fortunate we are that life has washed us up on these shores.
  • A day to contemplate how we can make it a better place for those who will come after us - irrespective of their heritage.
  • A day to celebrate the union of the community we live in, by respecting the differerences that unite us.
  • A day to thank God for Australia.