What are you waiting for?

Have you ever wondered about the staff serving delegates at big conferences and functions?

You attend an amazing conference with brilliant speakers. You learn new things and possibly transform yourself or your business.

And all around you the venue staff ar cleaning, carrying, serving.

As the speakers unlocks secrets that blow your mind, the clear the ashtray and refill the mints.

They are waiting.

But what are you doing?

Are you also ‘waiting’?

When I speak to large groups, I KNOW that most of the seeds I sow fall on infertile soil.

I don’t know what I don’t know. But I also know what I know. And whilst it may sound arrogant to say so, it is worth a LOT. And people have paid very good money to hear it. Yet, somehow not all the seeds grow…

We continue to clean the ashtrays and refill the mints when we could be on a transformational journey.

And recently I learned why:

You don’t KNOW.

You may think you know. You may have heard it. You may even understand it. But until and unless you DO it, you don’t know.