When does your groove become a rut?

Some retailers start a business and run a successful store. Some take it to four or five. And others grow a business from one to many in a hurry.

Why is this so?

The answer depends on the size of your comfort zone.

Store blindness is well known and widely recognised as a big problem – and it is a symptom of someone who is ensconced in their comfort zone. Whether you own/run one or five or twenty stores – and you have been doing so for the last five years, then chances are you are in your comfort zone.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with operating in your comfort zone and this is not naff advice about how to become a better person or a better retailer.

It is just a timely reminder to do a sanity check on your comfort zone. The risk of operating in our comfort zone is that it just happens – and operating in your groove becomes operating in a rut without you noticing.

Now is as a good a time as any to reconsider your business:

  • Is the business operating optimally?
  • How does the customer perceive the business?
  • Is the market opportunity bigger than my market share?
  • Are my constraints real or imaginary?

You get the idea…

If you would like to bounce the ‘how’ off someone and don’t know who to turn to, feel free to contact me - details here. [NOTE: It is not what I do for a living, so I am not selling anything.] The sad thing is that I can make a public offer like this because so few people will be brave enough anyway.

May 2011 be blessed for you and your loved ones – and may your business/career flourish beyond your wildest expectations.

As always, remember to have fun.