What is, is defined by the inbetween...

Have you too thought that at some stage they have to run out of new music? And yet they never seem to do?

There are a finite number of notes in music. But the variety is endless. It’s because it is what is between the notes that count.

There is no limit to the variations in timing between the notes. And that is what creates the music. (And how hard you bang the key…)

The same applies to retail (marketing and indeed life.)

There are only so many products. And the competition is endless. Yet there is always someone who comes up with a new concept; someone who executes the same idea, a bit better and a bit different.

These are the people who can see the unseen and hear the silences.

They take the same retail mix (product, price, place etc) and create some new magic. Yet they still sell burgers, tyres or knickers. Just like us.

These are the people who understand that it is NOT about the product, price, promotion, but about the things that go in between and around. The silences between the notes.

And when they have figured that out, they make their own music.

No bullsh*t excuses.

What are you singing?

Just asking…