It depends...

It depends on how you look at it


Some time ago this quote appeared on Twitter: “Its not information overload. Its filter failure.

My own take on it has always been that we are not time poor but option-rich (and it is a pet hate of mine when people say they are time poor.)

So, here we are 4 years to the day since my first blogpost in 2007.

The system tells me 516 posts – and quite a few were deleted (that contained videos etc) as I migrated from Blogger, to Wordpress to Squarespace. (Not counting what I post on Inside Retailing – but there are quite a few cross-posts too.)

Enough to fill a book, but no book in sight, sadly. But the point is that, despite the information overload and however option-rich’ our environments are, somehow it still got done.

That is what happens when you do something you love. It somehow gets done. (So, the ‘filter failure, lack of time excuse does not really hold water.)

In that time I have annoyed a few readers. But also made some new friends and acquaintances. (Despite not promoting the blog, and not having active ‘commenters’, it still happened.) And it was absolutely worth it.

In particular, Joe, I am looking forward to getting our venture off the ground. And thanks to all and for sticking around. (Even when you disagreed.)

If you have enjoyed reading the blog, you can

  • let me know what you like to read more of,
  • pass the link to the people you care about

That will be a really nice birthday present.


All the best


(And I am saving this for last: Thanks to Moonyeen for allowing me to write, for not grumbling when I disappear on a Sunday night, and especially for many of the ideas contained in this blog. Love you babe…)