There is a secret ingredient to achieving success

I have read a lot of 'success' literature. If the lesson was already learned, why wouldn't you? My own path in life - and that if my family - has been a constant curve; never a straight line. (One day I hope the family will love me for it, even though it is exhausting right now.)

All my knowledge, experience and philosophies were poured into a pro bono workshop I did for business people seeking to transform themselves and their businesses.

How about you?

Are you struggling in this tough economic climate? Do you think your business would be better off if Government changed some regulations? What you have a brighter future if the internet did not bring some competition?

One of the topics we discussed was a red herring that distracted (and prevented) businesses from being more successful.

When asked what people usually say when they are asked the reason for the failure, they come up with reasons like:

  • Money
  • People
  • Time

These excuses are symptoms.

They mislead you into thinking there is a reason for non-achievement. It is a red herring.

The reason why people DON’T overcome OBSTACLES or the reason why they DON’T achieve SUCCESS is because they make attribution errors.

Let’s look at the way most people (retailers) view the world.

When faced with an obstacle – it is attributed to external factors.

  • I don’t have the time
  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the resources

They give themselves permission to fail because the reasons for failure are outside their control!

The Bank does not want to give them money. The Government allows too much competition. Employees are lazy. The market is tough. The dollar is too high, the dollar is too low.

But, when faced with achievement – it is attributed to internal factors.

  • I am smart and disciplined
  • I know how to do business
  • I planned for this

They deny themselves the opportunity to learn the real reason for success, but it feels sooooo good.

If you want to be successful: switch!

The REAL obstacle/challenge you face:

            Is not lack of money, but…

your inability to raise money, find money, manage money, convince someone, or come up with a good enough idea – etc.

            Is not other people, but…

your inability to foresee what people may or may not do, your failure to understand how people think and do – etc.

            Is not lack of time, but…

having too many options, not being able to filter the noise, or not being able to prioritise – etc.

The same principle holds true when you are faced with success… SWITCH!

Understand that your success came about of how an opportunity was taken at the right time or how your systems worked better than the competitors – etc.

By attributing the REAL reason for an outcome (success or failure) correctly, it is possible to come up with the RIGHT solution.

If you focus on the real problem, the answer is usually self-evident. Successful entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily geniuses; they just figure out the real issues and commit to acting on the required outcome.

The question to ask yourself when you are unhappy, challenged or facing an obstacle is:

Am I attributing the cause of this unhappiness to internal or external reasons?

The secret ingredient of the success recipe is this: if you find yourself blaming (attributing) the causes of failure to external factors, switch it around.

I have taken the time to write up thse

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