Jump the Curve

I am putting the finishing touches to a workshop I am running next week. It will the first free workshop in a while - OI am fortunate enough to be paid for them. But this one is different. It is about me putting back into the industry that has fed and clothed me for do long..

The subject matter is a little off the page of what we usually do, so it required a lot of thinking on my own part, and I neccessarily reviewed the business again. And Learned something.

So, you can say I have already received payback.

As part of that process, I took my workshop outline and turned it into a rant. (And called it a manifesto.)

Jump the Curve is a manifesto about transformational entrepreneurship. We draw a broad arc from Ted Levitt’s Marketing Myopia in 1960, through the seminal In Search of Excellence of the 1980s through to Seth Godin (Poke the Box) to uncover the ETERNAL BASICS of taking a business to a next level.

Much is written about the START. About getting started. But not much exists to help people take their business to the next level.

This manifesto uncovers the two facets of jumping the metaphorical curve with the aim of making a small business a big business and making an ordinary business and extraordinary business.

The requirements for success are reduced a few simple steps – and success is guaranteed; for as grandiose as that may sound, it is the inevitable if we follow the eternal basics.

Would you like a copy if it is published? (5500 words, 36 pages.) Drop me a line, or a comment, and I will get back to you if it is published...