Why I don't buy

I have recently relocated to a small coastal town with relatively limited local shopping options. (And no, I am not retiring, even though place feels like a retirement village some days.) I n the process we have been re-setting our shopping habits and the shopping experience has been more ‘conscious’ than usual.

I have been able to list quite a few distinct reasons which have influenced (our) shopping choices. Hopefully it helps other retailers think about whether it may apply to them.

The title should probably be amended to the reasons I (personally) don’t buy. (It is always dangerous to extrapolate from one experience and one opinion, but let’s live dangerously – so here goes…)

There is a single menswear retailer. The name, the shopfront just makes me think that way – so I have never even entered the store.

Reason for not shopping: Proposition. The place just does not look like my kinda place.

There are a few coffee shops (or places that sell coffee). Some I have never been into, others I have entered but will never buy the coffee.


Reason for not shopping: Perception: The machine is too small. A place that sells good coffee is likely to be popular and makes a lot of coffee so they will have a bigger machine.

There is only one supermarket. (Woolworths.) I do shop there but only if I have to. (There is a bigger town about 15 minutes up the road, which we frequent often.)

Reason for not shopping: Service. The service absolutely sucks – the worst I have ever come across in a supermarket anywhere in Australia. I feel the staff take us for granted because there is no competition. This is reinforced by the fact that the prices at the other supermarkets are lower.

There is only one service station. Actually more like a convenience store with a few pumps. The price per litre is often 10c dearer than anywhere else. I make a habit of stopping on the highway to fill up as I head home. (Fuel is a grudge purchase, so even if you can afford the extra few dollars, most people avoid it if they can.)

Reason for not shopping: Price. But especially because they blatantly rip you off. The fact that they actually come out and fill your car for you does not warrant the price.

There is an iconic restaurant with the best possible views anywhere on the coast. I had heard at eh local chamber that the owner is (ahem) not a very nice guy.

Reason for not shopping: Word-of-mouth. I don’t want to give my money to someone who will probably not give me a great experience. Word-of-mouth works like this.

There is a chocolate shop that also sells coffee. (A bad Max Brenner knock-off.) This shop simply never enters my mind as an option. I am not sure why. All I can

Reason for not shopping: Habit. All I can think is that the shopfront is so bland that the place did not register – and my coffee habits became entrenched; so they have missed out. (And they aren’t doing anything to change this.)

There is a bookshop – and I am an avid reader, buying on average 2 non-fiction books a month and I use the library for fiction. I have browsed but I have never bought. I tend to buy on impulse when a topic catches my fancy. It is just so much easier on the internet…

Reason for not shopping: Apathy. When I browsed there was not even an attempt to connect/ interact/ sell. Amazon (not Dymocks) is the default purchase option – and the habit is becoming more entrenched. (I still prefer the physical book, but not sure for how long.)

Would love to hear the reasons why YOU don’t buy at a specific place…



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