10 things I wonder about social media and the internet...

  1. I wonder why some people accumulate connections on LinkedIn like notches on the doorpost?
  2. I wonder why some people upload photos to a photo-sharing site and then set the setting so that you can’t share it?
  3. I wonder why some people feel that every tweet they post is so important that it has to be broadcast on LinkedIn and Facebook?
  4. I wonder if people don’t know that it is obvious that it is too late start connecting on LinkedIn when you lose your job?
  5. I wonder why people cannot anticipate that it is a bit naff to hop on a social media site as a Johnny-come-lately and start dishing out ‘how-to’ advice?
  6. I wonder if the people who brag how many gazillion people are on Facebook or whatever, also realise that a gazillion plus one people are not?
  7. I wonder if people realise that nobody seriously thinks they are ‘successful’ if they spend 8 hours a day on Twitter?
  8. I wonder if internet gurus understand that because a lot of people repeat what they said or believe what they what they said or agree with what they said merely means they are popular or common or both – but not influential.
  9. I wonder why people still send money to Nigeria?
  10. I wonder if people seriously believe that posting a motivational quote motivates someone?


I wonder, I really do…