Most people

Success is a numbers game. Society generally expresses a belief in the scientific method and professes to rely on ‘evidence’; except when it comes to success apparently.

Most people set the alarm to wake them up in time to get where they need to be.

Most people eat more than they need because they feel hungry

Most people worry about what other people think about them

Most people do the things at work that will not get them trouble

Most people do things that are expected of them

Most people work at jobs they thought they could do

Most people work for a living because they have to

Most people are afraid of looking stupid

Most people are afraid of being fired

Most people don’t think about the alternative

Most people are not successful – by any measure you choose, including in their own estimation of their own lives.

If you want to be successful and happy, then you must not be like most people.

You should set the alarm to awake in time to get where you want to be.

You should eat enough to feed your body

You should not worry about what other people think of you

You should do the things at work that may get you trouble

You should do the unexpected

You should go for jobs that you may be able to do

You should live to work because you want to

You should be afraid of looking just like ‘most people’

You should not be afraid of being fired

You should think about the alternative

Then, maybe you will be successful. Or not. But at least you have given yourself a shot.

And so it goes in business too.

Have a vision. Write a strategy. Manage your risk. Do research, find out what the customer wants. Analyse the competition. Match the competitor’s price. Smile for the customer.

Except that statistically that does not work. How many businesses fail following that approach? How many businesses survive, but fail to grow still following those principles?

You should think about the alternative. At least think about before you do what you have always done. If nothing else, you will be more convinced and more committed to your course of action and that alone would be an improvement.