NOTE: This is the 4th and final in a series of open letters from the various stakeholders in the retail store. 

Last week I wrote that: Customer service sucks because of customers – and I just need to clarify that these ‘stories’ are fictional.

Next week I will draw the conclusion about the series. In the meantime, this is the retail owner’s perspective:

Dear employee

As you know, we get many complaints from customers and you simply have to read the papers or be on Twitter for a few minutes before there is yet another story about poor customer service. Heaven help us if A Current Affair ever comes knocking…

The reason why the service is poor is because I have YOU delivering that poor service.

No matter how many time I ask you to be friendly, you continue to be surly.

You complain about being paid a minimum wage, but that is exactly what a minimum effort is worth.

What you don’t seem to realise is that you have to be paid by the hour, but I don’t earn revenue by the hour. I earn revenue when customers walk through the door and spend their money.

No matter how often I hint that your dress is inappropriate, you continue to arrive at work looking like you have just stepped out of a night club.

No matter how often I ask you to wear your badge, you always find a different way to lose it.

If I have to constantly find work for you to do to keep you occupied, then I will not be getting much work done myself, It is called initiative and when I interviewed you, you told me you had it in spades – but that doesn’t quite seem to be the case, does it?

If I don’t make a point of looking at my watch when you rock up at work, I am sure the 10 minutes you are late will be come fifteen and eventually thirty minutes.

Not to mention the inconvenient sickies. I know and you know that having an ‘off’ day does not quloaify fo sick leave, yet you always take one. In my book a headache does not justify a sick day either. How would you feel if I did not pay you on pay day, because I had an ‘off’ month?

Your sense of entitlement makes me sick. You think the world owes you a living. You think I owe you a job. You think the world revolves around your needs. Well it doesn’t, and the sooner you get over it the better it will be for everyone.

You expect to get paid. You expect leave pay. You expect superannuation payments. You expect good ‘working conditions’, uniform allowances and the like. The list of entitlements is a mile long. But you seem to forget that I am the one who risked all my worldly possessions to start this business. You seem to forget that I am the one who lies awake at night worried about paying the bills. You seem to forget that I have to pay you, the suppliers, the landlord, and the government before I get paid – even though this is supposedly my business.

All that I ask is that you take care of the customers the way I told you to. Is that really too much to ask in return for the privilege of getting a regular paycheck without sleepless nights?

And for crying out loud, can you please for just one day stop chatting about your private life to the other team members – especially in front of customers. They. Don’t. Care.

And, NO, you cannot have a pay increase. The minimum wage is the maximum you will earn with an attitude like that.

Good luck with finding another job with an attitude like that.


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