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During my National Service I shared a room with Mauritz Leen. He had taken up golf when he was about 17 and within 18 months played off a 3 handicap. He turned pro before he was a scratch golfer. (His story anyway.) Naturally I asked him the secret to his success. His answer rings in my ears to this day…

‘Finish high…’ he said.

It may seem simplistic, but there is actually a lot of merit in that. If you finish anything in the ‘correct’ position or the desired position, then does the path you took really matter?

Ask Steven Bradbury. Ask any sports fan who supported the ‘wrong’ team but won anyway… and they will gleefully ask you to ‘check the scoreboard.’ You may \have tried to quit smoking a dozen times, but it only takes ONE successful attempt to finish high.

Yes the journey matters. But if you finish ‘high’ then it means somewhere along the way it all worked out. It does not mean we seek to start off on the wrong foot, or that we want to make mistakes. Relying on the competitors to fall over is a risky strategy.


Don’t let the mistakes haunt you. Don’t let the past determine the future. No matter what went before, you can always finish high…


Finishing high requires that you – at some point – start doing the right thing in order to end in the right position. That means we get over our mistakes and get over our poor starts and do everything we can to finish something they way it is meant to be. It means we learn from our own mistakes and we learn from others…

In the last 12 months I would have posted 50 or so ideas, thoughts, solutions or questions right here. How many did you learn from?

Three of the most important pieces (that you may have missed) are listed below. No one commented to agree or disagree, but honestly these are three of the more important pieces you may want to contemplate.

1. Does your business suffer from skeuomorphism?

The key is to design your business from the ground up – not be a victim of redundant beliefs, systems and strategies from a past era.

2. Omni-channel is a pipe-dream

Most smaller retailers would be foolish to pursue replication of their existing business in an online format. Much rather to approach e-=commerce as targeted, specific business opportunity which may (or may not) build on existing facets of your business.

3. The pendulum

There is ONE singular shift in society that will define all business for the next 30 years. Read it and start looking around for the signal. The recent Royal Prank Call is one example… and it will really affect your business or be a great opportunity.

And finally, this is my Christmas wish to you – follow the click trail, it is worth it.

Dennis Price

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