Five years ago, I launched the Retail$mart blog. We are now on our third platform (Squarespace) and there are 641 posts - not counting a few that may have been lost with the various imports/ migrations.

After my 'test post', I posted a prediction of what the future may hold, and I picked the following as 'future winners':

China (although I think India is a dark horse).
An e-Virus.
A Virus (or possibly a bacterium).


From there the posts meandered through an eclectic range of topics.

Regular subscribers haven't cracked the 1000 mark. Perversely, I refuse to follow all the recipes of the things that will make a blog 'successful.' For some weird reason, I like to think that those who do manage to find us and liked it enough to subscribe are the lucky ones:

The best blog you don't know about...

I simply write what I find interesting. And in the end I write for myself. But of course we hope that other people share your interests, and if no one reads it then you can't really make a difference.

So, thank you to those who have found us and stuck with us.

Since I don't try and sell things via the blog and have no plans to monetise it, I suppose I can do whatever I like. Including this little wander down memory lane.

I focus on the personal development journey that entrepreneurs go through. Generally, the people I identify with are the ones working in the retail supply chain - but that is simply context - and not the content per se. (And thanks to Moonyeen for her fair share of blog topics.)

Our passion is to help people develop. That is our version of 'making a ding' in the universe. We'll never know for sure whether we have succeeded, but it won't stop us from trying.

Through this blog we have actually made friends - real friends - and even found a JV partner on the other side of the world.

And that alone made it worth it.

To celebrate, I am going to do something we haven really done before:


  • We will give away some e-books. Comment below (email required in the comment, but not published) and we will send you the e-book of your choice. (Check out the shop-tab.)
  • Additionally, we'll sell something. Check out THIS LINK - and if you are up for the journey. please join us.


The best thing you can do for us, is to pass a link/ recommendation to someone who will benefit from the things we write about.

And we will keep doing what we do.

God bless.