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A trainee responded to an assignment ... and we thought we'd share it with you, typos and all:


Thanks Moonyeen, this feedback is fantastic and really helpful. I am a big believer in recognising that some things make a store look great and make customers keep coming back, even if those things don't sell so much, so it was a good reminder about the gift cards. I think I should also check out if the post office is still doing them and what this means to us.

The newspapers definitely drive traffic into the store and it is expected that we carry them so I don't know what this will mean as magazines and papers decrease as a physical format. Personally I think papers are an excellent medium and the more papers that are available the more the population can get their own information adn make up their own minds. It's much easier to control information if it all supplied electronically / digitally. I don't like the possible outcomes of our government "owning" the internet so I'm most keen to keep papers alive as a format. I guess I'm not in the mainstream there.

It would be great if we could build up our perennial cards more, but we have really been working on the seasonal cards. Since doing the last module I experimented with the Valentines cards. Instead of displaying them according to the Hallmark design, I put the Husband/Boyfriend ones at eye level for the two weeks beforehand because women shop earlier. Then on the Sat, Sun, Monday and Tuesday we put the Wife/Girlfriend ones at eye level. This really worked. Guys walked in the shop, picked up a card and bought it!! Success. And we did a swift business in cards over the weekend when guys came in for the paper. We also had the section down the side of the shop for quiet browsing. It didn't matter really what was there, it all sold, it's just that when anyone asked "is that all you have" we were able to send them to the quiet section and they took the time to buy. I realise the perennial card ranges are not as dynamic as the seasonal ones, but I do feel we are making a bit of ground with the sales. We're also gettign the casual staff involved in putting up the seasonal cards so I'm looking forward to growing this part of the business n all fronts.