Don't forget to... these 10 things:

We provide ‘content’ to some clients as part of their retailer relationship programs – in case you did not know. This post is a re-hash and extension of some of the thoughts we supplied early 2013 for that purpose; but I thought it was relevant to a wider audience, so in that spirit, here goes:

1. Stocktake & POS Update

This will allow you to identify redundant stock, have a sale and free up some cash and create less work later on.

2. Housekeeping – clear all signs of Christmas (or last promotion)

It’s called the customer experience.

3. Review Wages (and rates of pay) and staff scheduling practices.

Your business and your trading patterns may have changed. Don’t schedule the same people in the same slots without re-thinking how things may have changed.

4. Update browsers and anti-virus programs if this is not done automatically.

If you are using outdated versions of browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox) you are vulnerable to virus attacks that your anti-virus programs cant’ pick up. (Windows Defender is a good, free anti-virus program.)

5. Check the interest you are paying (overdrafts especially) on bank accounts

Just the threat of changing may tip the bank-manager’s hand in giving you a better deal.

6. Call your Landlord (or leasing agent) and organise to have a cuppa with him/her.

Don’t try and negotiate a deal – just build the relationship. If it is genuine, it will have a positive payoff in the future.

7. Create a DON’T DO list

Get rid of your bad habits instead of trying to create new ones which are must harder. (Simplify your life, don’t complicate it.)

8. Fine-tune your next promotion

Do you have a metric for success?

Are you collecting names?

Are you using your social media tools effectively?

9. Plan the promotion after the next

The sooner you start your planning, the more likely you are to able to bring suppliers and partners on board and the better prices you will be able to negotiate for everything. If you don’t, it will be like going to the convenience store late at night for your monthly grocery shopping – not smart.

10. Walk the store in the shoes of the customer.

Take a trolley/pram/whatever and pretend you are there for the first time. How easy/hard is it to navigate and find stuff? (Then FIX it.)

BONUS: Do a safety/risk check.

One slip-up at worst can ruin your finances and best send your insurance premiums rocketing.

Plan something FUN for your staff – in the next fortnight.