Retail is just like cricket

I am sure NO ONE in Australia could have avoided seeing some cricket. Which got me thinking about the similarities with business (and retail). Often these 'sporting analogies are a bit twee... but this holds true I think.

  1. If you don’t keep score it doesn’t matter
  2. There is room for fast and slow players
  3. It is all about shot selection (under pressure and at speed)
  4. You need a bit of luck to survive
  5. You have to rock and play even if there is no crowd
  6. The game is not won in the nets, but it is lost there.
  7. The best plans will be made redundant by your competitor
  8. Everyone has a different role, but everyone has to bat
  9. Sooner or later you will drop the ball. What matters is that you fix it quickly and not do it again.
  10. You may get away with a play-and-miss occasionally, but not always.

I am sure you can add more...


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