News Roundup

There have been so many changes recently at Ganador, I thought some of our readers may be interested.

  1. Our latest newsletter (Winners Circle) was published - and you can get that be subscribing.
  2. We published a free eBook (no subscription, just download): 101 uncomfortable truths about marketing you don't want to know. (Download link from website.)
  3. We are releasing those 101 truths as a series of posts on Ganador Facebook page. Like us there if you are happy to receive updates that way.  (99% of our updates are tips/ insights that you can use.)
  4. We have started collating our favourite books on a personalised Amazon Shopfront - and we would love you to come and visit. and check out our recommendations.
  5. We have refreshed our website and added a new section for articles (Think Pieces) which are longer articles (4-6 pp) that you can download. We think there are some important ideas in them that we want to share - and make easy for you to share.
  6. On an operational level, we are cancelling our RTO registration and instead will focus more on this exciting new service.