10 things the internet brought us – for better or for worse…

Here is my starter list. What can you add?
  1. Amazon & convenient eCommerce: Made a few millionaires at the price of the livelihood millions of little guys.
  2. Instant news: Even as it consumes the industry that feeds it along the way.
  3. eLearning and access to education for thousands: So that students don’t have to go to class anymore.
  4. Online gaming: So that nerds can be alone together.
  5. Email: Who needs to talk to anyone anymore?
  6. Porn: No need to buy DVDs from shops with curtains on the door.
  7. Spam: Employment opportunity for Nigerians.
  8. Wikileaks: Hackers hiding behind civil libertarians.
  9. YouTube Entertainment: Have you ever read the comments?
  10. Social Media: The biggest thing since porn
  • To help the needy need more.
  • For the self-righteous do-gooders to compete with self-righteous fundamentalists.
  • Party-crashers & Vigilantes: An instant mobilisation tool
  • Trolls: Because we treasure freedom of speech.