How to build a good innings

If you ask professional cricketers how they build a big score, you won’t be surprised to hear them say:

You have to face the first ball and the 100th ball with exactly the same mindset and focus.


 (As much as it pains me to glorify an English cricketer, the image of Ian Bell above shows everything I write about below, don't you think?)

They will talk about one ball at a time. The same as footballers talk about one day or one match

The same applies to work and success generally.

In order to be able to do this, one needs:

  • Patience (to absorb what is thrown at you)
  • Ability to attack and put pressure back on the bowler (not only absorb what is being thrown at you)
  • Discipline
  • Power of single-minded concentration with 100% focus on the ball you face that moment (not the previous one not the next one)
  • Ability to ignore context, conditions and distractions
  • Fitness & endurance
  • Reliable mental and physical routines
  • A smart game plan
  • Switch on; switch off- as required, moment by moment.

The question is:

How are you doing this in your business?