On being shy and pregnant cows: the internet of things

If the cloud-based MooMonitor necklace can determine a cow’s readiness for pregnancy, there must be a device somewhere that you can wear that will make your life easier.

In my presentation ‘Futureproof your Business’, I talk about the Internet of Things. Twelve months ago, people went ‘WOW’. But I doubt that anybody today will experience that particular insight the same way, because half the room probably already own a smart watch, or at the very least have seen Google Glass videos

It is hard to believe that the Firefly Dress goes back to the mid nineties!

It is fair to say that there are truly useful things. The ‘smart diaper’ comes to mind.

And then there is the surreal, albeit eminently useful RISR.

Watch the video to see how wearable technology can help people with poor posture (or even inappropriate body language) benefit from wearable tech – or the internet of things.

Just be careful of who you date – or think you are dating… (If you are in a real hurry, you can skip ahead to the 4min mark.)