Authenticity vs Stupidity: What do you think?

We all fall in live with our own ideas and we all think we are good.

This is an image from my blog folder for recent times. I like the blogs. I think they add something to someone somewhere.

(They are not written with SEO in mind, they are written for a reader.)

But you can never know how you are really doing. The blog is certainly not a 'name' blog. (It did have a Top 150 Marketing badge a few years ago when rankings were introduced, but I reckon that the unique weekly ACTUAL readers would count in the hundreds, even if the distribution would be thousands.

Why not the thousands or tens of thousands? 

Why is this blog not a hit - like say Seth Godin's blog.

Maybe people don't agree with my message. Maybe it is not targeted well enough at a particular audience. Maybe my writing style is difficult. There are numerous reasons why this blog is not even more popular than it is,

YET - ultimately I write for myself. I write what I like and what I would like to read about. I find the topics interesting.

That approach can be seen as authenticity or as stupidity.

You decide.

In the meantime, NEXT WEEK'S posts have been lined up and are ready to go...