First impressions count in your retail store

Your store entrance is important in achieving two main objectives:

  1. Should be inviting (attract customers)
  2. Must not present a barrier to a prospective customer

This is achieved by:

Making it convenient:

  • Ensuring no steps are placed at the entrance
  • Sufficient width for easy passage– especially in high-traffic areas
  • Easy access for pregnant/handicapped persons or those with trolleys where appropriate (no merchandise/fixtures to clutter entrance)

Making it attractive:

  • Good lighting (bright/ visible signage and or shopfront)
  • Changing entry statements at least monthly to remain interesting and noticeable
  • Use attractive and attention-getting colours in windows, displays and signage

Ask your staff/family/friends to pretend to be customers and to make notes of anything that may inconvenience the customers. They should also use trolleys and prams to test the flow and remedy any issues accordingly.