The nuance of customer service

The five minimum standards for customer service

Everyone a retailer (newsagents included) that I ask tells me they offer good customer service.

Every customer I ask tells me they rarely – if ever – get good customer service.

How can this be?

The devil is in the detail and in the following simple principles of basic customer service I have highlighted the detail. So before you say you offer great service, have another look:

1.      Do staff greet customers upon first contact (and by name for regulars)?

2.      Is the greeting accompanied by a warm smile whilst making eye-contact?

3.      Do they enquire about an additional purchase opportunity OR make a helpful observation about existing purchase?

4.      Do they genuinely offer a bag or to carry/assist as appropriate and count back the change?

5.      Do they thank/greet the customer warmly on the way out and sincerely invite them back or express a wish to see them return?

This list is the basic, everyday customer service. It won’t make the customer go WOW, but unless the fundamentals are in place you can’t create a the WOW. This is the place to start.