In case you missed it earlier- 1 Feb

Everyone is busy during the week – and we hate to see a good idea go to waste. Not every idea works for everyone, but one of these may just be what the doctor ordered. From Ganador's Blog:

  1. A Friday fun one (cartoon) with a smart arse kid that reminds me of a customer.
  2. Always fascinated by success and failure, I was thinking that what the gurus tell us in the self-help books are just their particular journey and that it might not apply to you. Success is not sexy.
  3. Human motivation is an interesting subject – because you can’t do it! Daniel Pink shares some thoughts.
  4. A successful business must be successful at recruiting. What type of questions should you ask in an interview? Smart questions, of course.
  5. Making more money as a retailer is easy and hard. By studying some numbers you will find easy things that will transform your business. They will be easy because it will be things you already do – but must do differently.
  6. Some musings on the good/bad things that the internet has brought us. And how bad is sometimes disguised as good.

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