Hack it... or jump, but be quick

You can't preach innovation if you don't live it, right?Here are two new initiatives facilitated by Ganador.


There are two spots left to the first ever retail hackathon in Sydney, March 26 2013.

Grab your spot HERE - and be quick.


We have created a Google+ Community <Jump the Curve>. It is the online equivalent of our famous Jump the Curve workshop for entrepreneurs.

It is for entrepreneurs (retailers and suppliers) who want to transform their business.

Of course we have a Facebook page, but that is mostly fun because it is open to all.

The JtC community will be private and it is a space where we can ask questions, share insights, diagnose problems and make contributions.

We will facilitate discussion, curate some great content and help tackle the questions that are put to the community.

Go HERE NOW and ask to join.

googleplus community.png