Consumer behaviour stats only mean something if...


Here are a few facts to consider.

1. People spend 2.3 seconds on in-store brand decisions.

2. Just over 90% of shoppers make unplanned purchases.

3. Gen Y shoppers are also more likely to make impulse purchases at end caps. 

4. About 62% of shoppers say they responded to merchandising displays.

5. About 93% of Baby Boomers, say they prefer product messages rather than price-point messages while shopping. 

6. Only about 25% off customers walk past halfway in the typical specialty store.

7. Sales can increase by1.3% when dwell time increases by 1%.

8. You get on average a 10% sales increase with a store design with a left entry and clockwise track.

If I asked you to answer a quiz based on the above, would you pass? Most wouldn’t because it is easy to skim over the list. 

The point is this: When you consider these facts, ask yourself the question: SO WHAT? 

And then change something based on your answer. Don’t let the facts just slide you by and move on to the next thing because you are busy.

Research and experience is only useful to the extent that it changes what you do.

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