Marketers have not earned their place at the table yet

I came across these interesting results of a survey of Chief Marketing Officers. in short, they rate their influence over the marketing mix at about 3.5 on a scale of 1-5.

CMO Research.png

The mean influence on PRICING is about 3 (on a range of 2-4).

Bearing in mind that; and I have NO DOUBT about this, the CMOs were unlikely to be realistic in their assessment of their own influence. I understand how people think, and CMOS (despites reports to the contrary) are people and they will also be somewhat deficient at assessing their own influence and abilities.

The research paints a sad picture.

The real picture is likely to be worse.

It raises questions such as: Is marketing doomed? If the chief marketer is not in charge, who is?

It could also be a positive indicator. For marketing to really work, the whole company needs to be marketing-orientated and responsibilities are therefore spread. I suspect that is very unlikely.