Coca Cola, Content, Creativity and Community - 2020 (Must Watch)

Do you wonder if this will work? Here is the proof. You are watching a piece of their content.

Does share-of-culture equate to revenue increases? Mmmmmh - that is an interesting question to which I don't have a complete answer.

About four years ago I contributed to The Age Of Conversation - so that says something. By the same token, I observe a great deal of wank being purveyed by faux-gurus of modern marketing.

Their approach to research is changing - and I am pleased to say that I have been advocating that most current research methods and programmes are redundant.

Another interesting point is that they are entering a marketing domain that does not demand that you be a big operator just to play. How nimble will they be?

Finally, in their telling of the story they might reveal more than they intend. Behind it all I hear the sub-text of the marketer who wants to control - even if they are reacting only, they still want to steer the conversation.

How would you like to partake in a conversation that is being 'steered' by a dominant party? Mmmmmh....

All up about 18 minutes - well worth watching both videos.

Would love to hear your thoughts?